• On The Edge: Living with Epilepsy
  • ON THE EDGE is the creation of Louis Stanislaw
  • Life with Epilepsy can be Unpredictabl
  • Deeply Personal and Honest
  • Alienation, Depression, and Loneliness
  • Copy of Alienation, Depression, and Loneliness

On The Edge ~ Living With Epilepsy

  • On The Edge

    On The Edge comes directly from Louis’s heart and soul -- and from the hearts and souls of the many patients and witnesses who share their personal stories here. Louis' experience gives him an insider’s perspective that is made deeper by unique access and connections not only to those who suffer from epilepsy, but also to health care providers who deal with epilepsy issues every day.

  • Life With Epilepsy Can Be Unpredictable

    For people with epilepsy, life is filled with uncertainties. The seizures can be frightening and dangerous. The medicines that control those seizures can have staggering side effects. And other forms of treatment can also have devastating consequences. On The Edge brings these painful truths to light in a thoughtful, balanced and deeply meaningful way.

  • Deeply Personal And Honest

    On The Edge examines this complex disorder and shatters the myths surrounding epilepsy. An open and fearless documentary, On The Edge creates a path to greater understanding, effective treatment, and a cure.

  • On The Edge Is The Creation Of Louis Stanislaw

    Told through the stories of the director, epilepsy patients and their families, this film documents the difficulties and misunderstandings at every turn: from family life to school and friends, to leaving home and starting a career and forming lasting bonds.



In On The Edge, filmmaker Louis Stanislaw takes us inside his world - and through the challenge that is life with epilepsy.



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