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Louis Stanislaw


Louis Stanislaw discovered his love of filmmaking at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA when he rescued old family films and built a three-hour historical documentary. This project led to internships for both VH1 and Curious Pictures in New York City, during his senior year at Oberlin College. After graduating from Oberlin in May 2006, he went to France to The International Film School of Paris - EICAR, for the Fast Track Film Directing Program. During that year, he independently made two short-films, Expressionless Face and The Unremarkable Affair, as Director, Screenwriter and Editor.

Upon his return to the U.S., Louis worked as a location production assistant on The Pink Panther 2 in Ipswich, MA (Sept. 2007). In 2008, he created the animated series Bob & Gaspard, creatures of his own creation, to address issues of the economy and the environment, a project still in development. In 2009, Louis produced three commercial and promotional short films about WINGAS (a gas distribution, transport and storage company located in Kassel, Germany).

In September 2009, Louis developed the basic outline -- research and contacts -- for the documentary, On The Edge: Living with Epilepsy, seeking to combine his skills as a filmmaker with his desire to expand the understanding and treatment of epilepsy.

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