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Dr. Najm's Intro at the Cleveland Clinic's Screening

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Funding: Past and Future

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Since all of the fund-raising from 2010 to-date has come from individual sponsors, non-profit organizations and some private sector contributors, it has been fascinating to discover how large a percentage of this group has had/has their own stories with Epilepsy. One-third of these donors had some personal or close connection with seizures. Whether their contact was family or friend, their understanding of this disorder's social obstacles was really broad and supportive. In the future, the sales of the DVDs of the documentary may provide a revenue stream.

It is appropriate to recognize the entirety of the financial support of this documentary; I do so warmly, with heartfelt gratitude and love:

  • Delaware Community Foundation
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • Fullerton Family Foundation
  • The Blair Family
  • Simon B. Rich, Jr.
  • Andrew Konigsberg & Elena Engel
  • Mr. A. A. Bissett
  • New England Biolabs, Inc.
  • Knickerbocker Group, Inc.
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Patrick and Ute Prevost
  • Natus Neuroscience
  • Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE)
  • Daniel Mayer & Jennifer Mayer
  • M. OU MME Bertrand Lazard
  • Said and Aline Arratas
  • Nader Sultan Aliesa
  • Jeff Allsopp, Allsopp Design
  • Open Society Institute
  • William and Janet Burrows James Foundation
  • Peter Zachary Bogin
  • Patrick Condon
  • Jerome De Bontin
  • Paul & Mary Perkins
  • F. W. Martin
  • Anthony & Dodge, P.C.
  • Jennifer & Daniel Mayer
  • T. S. & J. Leisher
  • Reading Co-Operative Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Absolute Septic
  • Gregory Maniatis
  • Sharon O'Keefe
  • Lily Rice HSIA
  • Susan M. Leland
  • John M. Ferry & Dana Ferry
  • Dr. Christoph Van Dem Bussche
  • Sunovion
  • Dr. Rainer Seele
  • Todd D. Hearle
  • Sue Edward and Mark Medish
  • Merrimack Street Garage Inc
  • Frederic & Susan Winthrop
  • James & Kim Balaschak
  • Susan Leland
  • Peter & Beatrice Britton
  • Susan & John Glessner
  • Dickran Babigian
  • Mitre Kutanovski
  • David & Judith Majick
  • Nathaniel Pulsifer
  • Glovsky & Glovsky LLC
  • Eaton Vance Counsel
  • Robert MacNellie
  • Christopher & Rosalee Glass
  • The Rudkin Foundation Inc.
  • William & Juliana Thompson
  • Boston Foundation
  • Mr. Peter Bogin
  • Boston Foundation
  • Thomas M. Burger
  • Brown-White Consulting
  • BP Corporation North America, Inc.
  • Epilepsy Ontario
  • Kathryn Herring
  • Sherry & L Blair Pyne
  • Kathryn Pavlovsk
  • Stephen Kaloyanides Jr.
  • 86 Kings, LLC
  • Beverly Holley
  • Manchester Electric, LLC
  • Christopher Crockett
  • Jay W. Goldman
  • Colby & Gale, Inc.
  • Frank & Alice Schambra
  • O.W. Holmes, Inc.
  • Robert N. Shapiro
  • Paul J. Stanislaw, Jr.
  • Victor Burk & Cathleen Holstead
  • Roswell Burchard Perkins
  • Kenneth Kumph
  • Sara Delrio
  • Carleton Rev Liv Trust Jerry Carleton
  • Letson & Swader Co., LPA
  • Roger Rogos
  • Epilepsy Ontario
  • William &Margot Moomaw
  • Susanna & Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld
  • DeMakes
  • Dennis Skowran
  • Arsenault Plumbing & Heating
  • Edgewood
  • Thomas M. Burger
  • Nelson Wilson & Sally Wilson
  • Susan Gretzinger & Michael Gretzinger
  • Charles & Tessa Atkinson
  • Gregory & Allison Aliff
  • LJPS Creations
  • Laurence & Natalie Dickter
  • Cheryl & Brian Fyock
  • Guy & Donna Caruso
  • George & Susan Lodge
  • Stephen Parson
  • Timothy Johnson & Jennifer Groeber
  • Labell & Associates Physical Therapy LLC
  • Richard & Barbara Wigton
  • Abbott Reeve Smiths Point
  • Endicott & Nanette Davison
  • Robert Horgan
  • Jeffrey & Wendy Kennedy
  • Oak Associates
  • John & Linda Allison
  • Jeffrey & Pamela Hood
  • Nancy L. Danoff & Warren W. Perkins
  • Pamela Keretesy
  • Edward or Darlene Vasbinder
  • Robert Snyder
  • Brook Electric
  • Mr. Domnick Pucci
  • M. Beth Ernest
  • David & Kay Verch

Denis Doorly

on Monday, 23 September 2013 09:57

Production Assistant Denis Doorly expanded his interest in photography and film at Tabor Academy in Marion, MA, where he helped develop the video program and was editor of the school's online newsletter.Denis subsequently completed Boston University's Institute for Television...

Howard McClintic

on Monday, 23 September 2013 09:56

Development & Distribution The Mission of the CTC Foundation is to "mainstream emerging technologies." Howard McClintic has been the sole Executive Director of the CTC Foundation (an affiliate of Concurrent Technologies Corporation) since its inception in 1999.At the CTC...

Jake Thomas

on Monday, 23 September 2013 09:55

Director of Photography While in the midst of studying film production at Hampshire College, Jake began his work in the documentary world by photographing an epic, 5-year, 'round-the-world verité documentary following the lives of a troupe of circus performers. From...

Rainie Ames/Ames Productions

on Monday, 23 September 2013 09:54

Executive Producer Rainie Ames has 27 years of experience in television, communications and media. She has produced more than 20 shows for PBS, including "Oil Shockwave", currently in national distribution; The Man Energy and Environment Project, a series of 15...

Louis Stanislaw

on Monday, 23 September 2013 09:50

Producer/Director Louis Stanislaw discovered his love of filmmaking at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA when he rescued old family films and built a three-hour historical documentary. This project led to internships for both VH1 and Curious Pictures in New York...

On The Edge Synopsis

on Monday, 23 September 2013 08:18

In On The Edge, filmmaker Louis Stanislaw takes us inside his world - and through the challenge that is life with epilepsy. Though it affects three million Americans directly, and millions more through family members, friends, co-workers and caregivers, epilepsy is widely and grossly misunderstood.

On The Edge looks unflinchingly at the alienation, depression, and loneliness that epilepsy can bring. Told through the stories of the director and epilepsy patients and their families, this film documents the difficulties and misunderstandings at every turn: from family life to school and friends, to leaving home and starting a career and forming lasting bonds.

Life with epilepsy can be unpredictable; medicines that control seizures can have staggering side effects; seizures can be frightening and dangerous, they can be mistaken for aggression with tragic results; reactions and improper treatment can have devastating consequences. In a life with daunting hurdles, ignorance is usually the biggest one for people with epilepsy.

Deeply personal and honest, On The Edge examines this complex disorder and dispels the myths that surround it, ultimately seeking a path to understanding, effective treatment, and a cure.

About Epilepsy

  • More than three million Americans have epilepsy.
  • One in ten adults will have a seizure at some point during their life. Many returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are rapidly increasing this number.
  • You cannot tell who has epilepsy by looking at them. A seizure can be as mild as eye-blinking for several seconds, or as severe as falling to the floor.
  • For many people with epilepsy, the reaction of others to their disorder is worse than the seizures themselves. Rejection and exclusion can cause low self-esteem and low self-confidence.
  • The medication that controls the disorder has side effects that can further complicate these effects.
  • People with epilepsy respond to the disorder in different ways: Some withdraw from others only to become isolated because they feel rejected; Some people with epilepsy fall victim to emotional problems such as depression; The luckiest find much needed friendship and support through self-help groups.
  • Epilepsy - and the fear of a seizure - can affect dating, driving, drinking, swimming, flying on a plane, even going out on a boat or to a movie.
  • Epilepsy remains mysterious and often frightening to the public at large. Profound misunderstanding and prejudice surround the disorder; this makes life very difficult and even dangerous for the people who suffer from it, and keeps the issue from being discussed openly and freely in our society. This documentary is designed to help change all that.

Promotional Items

on Sunday, 25 December 2011 13:24

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